Borghese Gallery Gardens

The Exotic Borghese Gallery Gardens

Borghese Gardens

The Villa Borghese is the third largest public park in Rome and feature a naturalistic English manner garden. Apart from the Borghese Gallery, the Borghese gardens is home to other incredible museums. There's the Villa Medici, a glorious 16th century mansion housing the French Academy in Rome, the Museo Pietro Canonica, a museum dedicated to showcasing the work of Pietro Canonica, and the Museo Carloi Bilotti, which is home to billionaire Carlo Bilotti's massive art collection. 

At the Borghese Gardens, you can also enjoy an Alfresco movie at the Casa Del Cinema, an arthouse movie theatre. If you're visiting during the summers, book tickets for one of the outdoor movie screenings to make the experience even more memorable. 

Generally, kids don't enjoy museums a whole lot. There are a lot of restrictions and honestly not a lot which would interest a kid. The Borghese Gallery is not one of those museums. Apart from the massive space kids have to run around and have a good time at the Borghese gardens, the gardens also house the fantastic Bioparco di Roma, a zoo which features over 200 different species of animals! There's also a puppet theatre, the Teatro Dei Burattini San Carlino which offers kids a unique experience unlike any other.

Must-sees & Highlights at the Borghese Gardens


Casina di Raffaello

One of the most beautiful buildings in Villa Borghese gardens, Casina di Raffaello houses breathtaking frescoes making it worth a visit. The building presently functions as a children's activity centre and workshops and events for kids are organised here. Do note that tickets for Casina di Raffaello are sold separately and are not a part of your Borghese gardens ticket. Also, the attraction remains closed on Mondays so plan your visit accordingly.


Pincian Hill

The Villa Borghese gardens are located in the Pincian Hills and offers breathtaking views of Rome. Although not a part of the Seven Hills of Rome, the Pincian Hills fall within the iconic Aurelian walls. Within the hills, you'll find the popular pathway, the Passeggiata del Pincio which is lined with busts and statues of popular icons. Also accessible via the Villa Borghese is the Pincio Terrible where you can get stunning views of Rome, including the dome of St. Peter's Basilica!


Victorian Water Clock

One of the most unique attractions at the Borghese gardens, the water clock is something straight out of a fantasy tale. Built by inventor Giovan Battista in 1867, the Victorian Water Clock masterfully combines science and the force of nature. Located in the middle of a pond in the Borghese gardens, the water clock, or hydro chronometer, calculates accurate time till date.


Villa Medici

An opulent villa located in proximity of the Villa Borghese, Villa Medici is another unmissable attraction of the Borghese gardens. Construction work for the villa was completed in 1544 and the owner changed multiple times during its long existence. A major ownership change occurred when Napoleon Bonaparte shifted the French Academy in the Villa Medici premises. Presently, the building and the gardens which surround it have been restored to their former glory and offer visitors a delightful experience.


Teatro Dei Burattini San Carlino

An attraction created specifically to keep kids entertained and engaged while the parents tour the museum, the San Carlino puppet show is offers a wonderful time. The show features Pulcinella, a popular puppet character, with roots in Naples, where the show was created. Take your kids to this fun and interactive experience which they will appreciate much more than the fine Italian art on display at the many museums.

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