skip the line at borghese gallery

Skip the Line at Borghese Gallery

Centuries back, a Cardinal in Rome with an impeccable eye, decided to procure art from all over the country and build a vast, private collection. After years of commissioning and purchasing art pieces -- some of which put names like Gian Lorenzo Bernini in the spotlight -- his private collection was made open to the public at the Borghese Gallery. A gem in Rome, the Borghese Gallery is frequented by millions of visitors each year. Due to its popularity, large crowds are almost always present at the entrance. Here’s how to skip the line at the Borghese Gallery.

How to Skip the Lines at the Borghese Gallery

As one of the most visited museums in Rome, you can always expect large crowds at the Borghese Gallery. Read on to know how to skip the waiting lines at the Borghese Gallery:

  • Limited capacity: The Borghese Gallery only permits 80 guests every 2-hours; throughout a day, five 2-hour time slots are available for guests. If you do not book your tickets online and in advance, you’ll probably miss out on a chance to enter immediately, and would have to wait another two hours in line. Pre-book your tickets online!
  • Skip-the-line tickets: Even if you pre-book your tickets online, you’ll have to wait in a long line till people in your slot enter the museum. The best way to avoid this is by purchasing Borghese Gallery skip the line tickets. This allows you to bypass the waiting lines and get access to the priority entrance.
  • Advance booking: Due to its popularity, tickets to the Borghese Gallery are sold out often weeks ahead. Secure your skip-the-line tickets by booking them a few weeks before your visit; this way, you can select your preferred time slot and skip ahead to the priority entrance.
  • Plan your timings: To further avoid long waiting lines and large crowds, make sure to visit the Borghese Gallery during early mornings or late evenings. Crowds are generally at their thinnest during these times and at a maximum during the afternoon slots. 
  • Guided tours: Another efficient way to skip the lines at the Borghese Gallery is by booking a guided tour. Generally, your guided tour also includes skip-the-line access; your local guide will accompany you right past the long waiting lines, to the priority entrance. 

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